Team Members Talk!

I tell people that once you prove yourself at Optima, you have employment for life—if that’s what you want. Then, in a slightly more serious tone, I tell them why.”

PIERRE M – Specialist, Lead Life Licensed Agent, Optima’s Montreal office

My financial services career might be considered an unusual one. I came to Optima’s Montréal office seven years ago. I had previously been with a contact center that had one big financial services client. Before that, I was sales manager at a big insurance company in Québec.

Here’s why I think Optima has been a better place for me:

  1. Our Montreal office has six financial services clients and most of them are long-term. So that means more job stability.
  2. Unlike my previous experiences, there’s no cold-calling here. Most of the time, clients are calling us requesting our guidance on insurance services. So we get to focus more on Clients’ needs.
  3. Optima works hard to help you succeed. They will move you to teams and clients where you fit best.

We have a reputation in this market for being great trainers, in financial services and sales. All this makes Optima a good place to start your financial services career. Or like me, to continue it.